The Paris Attacks shocked many people all over the free world. In the aftermath students and pupils didn’t know how to react to these gruesome events. In order to uphold our strength and our believes in a tolerant and free world, we have to discuss what we fear and talk to people that give us hope. 

After reading Isobel Bowdery’s graphic account on the brutal attack at the rock concert in Paris, the students wrote some letters to the brave woman that survived. 

Dear Isobel,

When I read your text I felt very sad and asked myself where the humanity is. It‘s just a crime at the whole mankind and things like that shouldn‘t happen, but I hope you‘ll get much power from your friends and family and I want to say my condolences.

I wish you much strength for this difficult time.

Many greetings and assistance from Moritz.

Dear Isobel, 

After I was reading your post about the tragedy in Paris it felt like I’ve been there. But I wasn’t. I know how it is to lose friends and people of the family but it’s hard to imagine what happened to you and other people. All people have to hold together, otherwise we won’t defeat this awful terrorists. We have to hold out. R.I.P. Angels!


Dear Isobel,

Firstly we are sorry about everything that happened and everything you had to see.
Nobody deserves something horrible like this attack. Your text touched us on an emotional level and it was something new for us to see the things that happened through your eyes. You hear about all these attacks and the terrorism in the radio and watch  it on TV but your text showed us how horrible it really was. We just couldn’t imagine this until we read what you wrote. The terror attack was so terrifying but it also seemed a bit unrealistic to us, because it wasn’t directly here, where we live. We will never be able to know how you felt in the moment of the attack and also we will never be able to know how you feel now after all these things, but your text helped us to understand it all a bit better, to understand how you felt and to understand how awful these terrorists are.
We are very thankful that you wrote these text and shared it with us to give us the opportunity to understand.

Lena and Sara

Dear Isobel,

Wow! This text is so impressive and touching. I think it must be very hard for you to write it. Such a thing will change yourself, if you watched how so many families broke apart and so many innocent people were killed.You had to remember it and go through it again. It is so strong from you. You told the world your feelings. Everybody should read this text and imagine how bad it was.It could opened eyes.Some peoble think there is nothing you can do but with this  text you proved that there is something you can do.You dont pity yourself and looked away.You wrote this text and show the world that it was not ok. This needs respect! Nobody can Imagine what you must be going through, but this text could help to imagine the fear and pain that the terrorists arouse.

I dont know you and maybe I cant imagine what you and these other people must be going through, but I know that you are so strong and talented; the way you write about this bad thing is moving.

I hope you will be happy one day, good luck on your way.

Love, Sophie

Dear Isobel

It was nice that you wrote this text, because people, who aren´t involved in that attack, can’t imagine how the people there were feeling in that situation. When  I first read your text I have problems to keep my tears away from my eyes. I´m really happy I could read the text and I think you hear it often but I say it too now: I express my condoloscence to you.

Greetings, Lena

Hello Isobel,

we are Hendrik and Larissa, students from a school in Germany.

We just read your Facebook text about the Deash attack in Paris. We were very shocked about what happened. We are very impressed about you, prenteding to be dead for over an hour, because we think the risk that could have been discovered was really high and you had to be very brave and strong. We are very impressed that you share your experience with us. We hope that you may live in peace and that the victims of this terrible and inhuman attack weren’t for free.


Hello Ms Bowdery,

My name is Aylin, I am 15 years old & I live in Germany.

With interest we read your Facebook post in our English lesson.

We already heard and talked about the terrorist attacks in Paris and your text not only shows people how rude “humans” can be, it even let them feel the pain, you and all the ones who lost their friends or families are now going through. We all know that currently nothing is going so well in many countries but we can’t always live in fear of those terrorists. It’s just as you said. We should not give those terrorists the fear they want to see.

The world changes, the future generations learn to live with this situations because they are used to it, they would not know it better & peace could be a foreign word for them. But as long as there are good people I will believe in a good world. Maybe it is improbable at the moment but to have a walk on the moon was also improbable in former times.

You are a good person. The world needs more people like you.

Best wishes,


Dear Isobel,

Yesterday our English teacher Mr.Blume showed us your facebook article. My name is Matthias, I am 14 years old and I live in Germany.

First of all, I think it is very brave to post such a statement on Facebook. I was really touched by reading this. It is unbelievable how brutal people can be. Clearly it`s extremely unfair how the Daesh think to be able to decide who is worth living.

The people who died didn`t even have any chance, so in my opinion the last part of your article is very important. We shouldn`t be scared, because exactly that is the goal of the terrorists. I`m convinced that we have to go to concerts, football matches and all the stuff like that.

Personally I firmly believe we shouldn`t live like nothing happened, because you can`t ignore such a horrible tragedy.

After all, I am sure that there are many bad people in the world, but this world has the potential to be better.

Thank you for your post and that you make us believe that our world can be better.

Sincerely, Matthias

Dear Isobel Bowdery,

we read your comment on Facebook in the English lesson in our German school. We express you our highest condolosence. It´s horrible that these things happend. We can´t imagine that you laid on the floor into pools of blood and pretended to be dead for over an hour! We are very afraid of the Deash but we and you and all the other people have to try to live our normal life, to show that we aren´t afraid. We must be strong. The terrorist will not ein.

We are thinking of you and all the people, who died at the attack…


Hey Isobel,

First of all I want to tell yo: your text really touched me!
And I am sure, I’m not the only one who feels like this.

I can’t imagine how you felt this Friday night or moreover how you still feel.
It must be so cruel to get along with all that what happened!

I am convinced that your friends and your family are supporting you in this situation.
Anyway it doesen’t makes all the death people alive…
This must be the worsest feeling: To know you can’t make something undone.

But above all, I hope one day you can live your life like it was before…

My best wishes!!!

Dear Isobel Bowdery,

What happened to you at the rock concert, it is a very horrible thing.

As I read your text, I was very sad and shocked. I thnik thats a thing waht many people never get out of their mind. And I hope that those men will never do something like that again. And I hope, that the whole world does something against those guys.

But you will get over this bad time and I think you’re very strong and I think after a time you will take a heart and you can go back to your normal life.

Love, Dominique

Dear Isobel,

When I read your story, I was very shocked. I’ve seen the news and I’ve heard very much informations about the terrorists attacks, but this is the first story which I read, written by a surviver. I think the text is very emotional and it’s very brave from you to write this story and publish it on Facebook. I hope that someday there’s peace in the world for everyone.

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