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Milica Reinhart is what you call a citizen of the world. She works together with homeless people and with young teenagers. She works in Germany, in the Netherlands and even on different continents of the world, including Africa. When looking at her Facebook profile, you see the picture of a woman with black shoulder-length hair, whose concentrated and focussed look touches the distance. The cover picture shows her looking at a mirror. No, she looks through it. It seems as if she has found something.

When looking at her numerous pictures, who were created by Milica, who was born in Djakova, Croatia, you immediately know what it is she found. It seems as if her abstract art is somehow concrete, depicting the very emotions of the creator – as well as the viewer. In short, one could say that she creates concrete abstract art.


What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a so called “colour study”. What I do is try to get the exact colour that I think about. I am looking for a special yellow, orange and violet at the moment. You have to know that I am doing the mixture myself. It’s part of my work. 


What do you call a good day?

Simply, when I found the shade of colour. It is not in my head though. It surrounds me. I just need head and hands to catch what is already there.


You moved from Solingen to Hagen. Did that inspire you in any way?

Yes, sure. That’s normal. Wherever you are, your work changes according to what you see, whom you are with. The most important thing is to meet new people. When you leave them, you also leave the colours. Starting here in Solingen was like starting all over.


Do you miss Hagen (the city you live for over 20 years)?

Yes, I do. But I wouldn’t want to come back either. A new place is always a new challenge.


You once said that you feel comfortable in different places of the world. Have you got a favourite city or place?

My favourite place is the one I am at the time.


What is home for you?

Home is the place I can work. Wherever that is. For me it’s always a temporary home – not one for life. And every new home influences my work in a very unique way.


You’ve been painting since you where 38. Has anything changed?

Well, I worked before that. It was all in my head. No, I haven’t changed my style. Recently I took a look at my first oil painting. It’s still my style. What has changed is the technique. But it’s me the whole time. I’ve always wanted to find the force, the power that is hidden behind the colours.


Is there a time when you don’t want to work?

What? It’s my life. I want to do it always and forever and ever.


Are you working on other projects at the moment?

I am doing world-wide projects with teenagers, but that’s like painting as well. It’s a process. You prepare, you try to realise your imaginations. At the moment I am working 24/7. There is no difference between work an private life. Every part of art – I am working on it. You can see it on Facebook.


When did you decide to join Facebook?

Well, it was a decision a took after meeting an industrial manager. Unfortunately he was a high officer – whatever you call that – in scientology. So I decided against working with him. However, Facebook remained. It offers so many opportunities for me. After a short while, I had 3000 friends. It’s what you dream of as an artist. Working like I do at the moment, it is very hard to socialize. Facebook gives me the chance to do so.


Many people write on your wall. They say you inspire them. How does that feel.

Honestly, I didn’t think about that yet. But now that you ask. It’s great. It’s better than being criticized anyway (laughing).


Is there anybody who inspires you?

Everybody I work with inspires me. I have been working with Manfred Brückner for 2 years now. It’s a very inspiring relationship.


Have you got any special goals that you want to achieve with your art?

I have been invited to the city I was born in. Can you imagine what that means?Normally only people who have studied can present their art there. Now I can do it. It’s like going back to the roots and tearing down walls. And that’s what I want to do. Use my gift to try tearing down walls wherever and whenever I can.

Thank you very much.

Thanks Bob.


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