ENGLISH: Letter to J.K. Rowling

Dear J.K. Rowling,
I´m Agata, a 14-years-old girl from Germany who read the last words of the last Harry Potter book a minute ago. I´m writing this letter to you because of only one reason: to say THANK YOU.
I don´t know how to start. I would only like to tell you something that is very important for me and I hope so, so much you have the time and mind to read it.
Well, I think I start with the beginning, the beginning of an amazing time I found my most favourite activity.
I know, there are so many people who have written to you earlier and whose letters are more interesting and more creative… And I, I´m a normal girl from a little city who doesn´t know so much about Harry Potter. I´ve only read the books and watched the films… Anyway, I´m so impressed. Oh, I thank you so much.
It´s quite funny that your books hadn´t been so successful before I started to read the first one. Honestly: my first Harry Potter book had had a really sad life in my shelf. My mum bought me one and wanted me to read it because many friends had said it would be pretty good, but no, it didn´t interest me at all. I can´t believe it. I can´t believe I really said that and I really didn´t want to read this incredible book. I must have been an alien back then. Okay, sure, I didn’t know that´s so cool, but I can remember that I read the first page when I got it, and I wasn´t interested anyway. Now, when I look at the first page, I could read the whole book again and again. Every single one! And I cried after the last one because there aren´t any left. It´s amazing.
I´d never read such books like you have written. These whole stories which are so primed and thought-out can lead to such an amazing feeling, and during the read I was thinking every second about how extensive every single book is. It´s unbelievably.
I was eating your books like cake and I´m so thankful for that. Therefore, I´m so thankful because I finally found something different as cake, I´m eating it too much. What a joke. I think you know what I mean, don´t you?
Do you know how much your hand can affect other people? I was dreaming, laughing, crying and thinking only about Harry Potter and I´ve never experienced anything like that before. And I LOVE reading. I get goose bumps when I only hear the words ´Harry Potter´. Sometimes it feels like it is everywhere in my body.
I simply love everything you put wrote the page. Every book, every chapter, every scene and every word. And of course every character.
I say thank you to all the people who worked for the developing company from HP and his films because without that they would aggrieve a fantastic author.
In general, everyone who is able to show his creativeness and fantasy in any ways and makes it visual for other hearths should be respected. I don´t know if ´respected´ is the right word, but I want to come to this question: who knows how many other books are waiting for other (and more) readers? I´ve got a lot of experience with these books. It´s too bad. I´m really glad that your book(s) found the way to me. ☺
I ´d really like the people who think Harry Potter only deals with war and danger to learn that this is only a little part of it and that it deals also with friendship, love, courage and so much more. All of it makes me love your books so much!
I´m shaking my head and still can´t believe there really exists something amazing like the story of Harry Potter. Even only on paper. I will never stop I don’t want to ever stop thanking you.
I hope you and your family are fine.

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2 Kommentare zu ENGLISH: Letter to J.K. Rowling

  1. Anette sagt:

    Well done, Agatha!
    Well done, teacher!
    Keep on beliein in yourself, your confidence and your dreams. Even in there won’t be an answer…
    You rock.

  2. pippelotta sagt:

    Ahhh…mir geht das Herz auf. <3 Ist das eine Schülerin von dir?

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