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This is a joint venture.

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Every one of us uses Facebook at least once a day. Don’t get us wrong; we enjoy sharing our thoughts with people we value, linking up with old friends, sharing pictures of what we’re up to – often across continents. Almost everybody who has participated in setting this up has already found something specific – big or small – that they want do: just take a look at the picture.

This isn’t a boycott.

The idea is to do something you’ve always wanted to do or haven’t done in a while.

Instead of using Facebook, let’s do it!

On September the 1st (Go to group)

 (Picture taken with Hipstamatic and my iPhone)

There have been attempts to get people off Facebook before, but what for? If those using it are happy to use the opportunities just mentioned and many more, why should we get of it?

At the same time though… how would it be if everyone spent one day off Facebook (yes, the mobile version is meant as well ;-)) and planned to do something memorable, outrageous, unique, chilled-out or just plain silly? This might be with people they’d normally be interacting with on Facebook, or it could be a chance to meet other users, locally or in a more unusual location.

We would like to encourage a day when sharing ideas and suggestions goes beyond the borders of cyberspace.

And then we can return to share those experiences.

Our idea is to invite YOU to share your ideas for a Facebook-free day with us and everybody else participating – we have until the 1st of September to do this.

We eagerly await your ideas, be they trivial, thoughtful, funny – who knows where this could lead?

After the 1st of September, we will try to collect the best pictures,

(Picture taken with Hipstamatic and my iPhone)

videos and stories created during this day. What we want to achieve is a day off  that includes the opportunity to share it on Facebook.

Let’s all try to make this a memorable day – one without Facebook and with our friends.

Join the first global “Off  Day”.

Go to Group: Off  Day

Main Page: Bob Blume

Zeitungsartikel: Chilli – das Freiburger Stadtmagazin


Bob Blume (teacher and blogger): Idea and management
Twitter: @BlumeBob

Thomas Clemens (IT Specialist, Photographer): Graphic Design

Rebecca Davies (lecturer and teacher): Language consultant
Twitter: @bexxi

Marc Hofmann (Lecturer and musician): Off Facebook Day Song
Homepage: www.siewerdenunsfinden.de
Solo: http://www.siewerdenunsfinden.de/marc-hofmann-solo/
Facebook-Solo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marc-Hofmann-Fanpage/243512939079201
Facebook-Band: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SIE-WERDEN-UNS-FINDEN/434331039927335

Mo Rothe (Law student): Creative Design/ Communication/ productive Critic

Laurids Düllmann (System administration): Administration/ Web-based solution

Nele Blume (nursery school teacher and photographer): Ideas provider and productive Critic

Kai Woodfin (lecturer and teacher): Ideas generator and language consultant

Marcel Gießwein (Freiberuflicher Bildungsreferent): Networking
(geocoaching, schulbezogene Tagungen, Bildungsarbeit)

Arne Stratmann (Kommunikationsmanager DFL): Networking/ Communication

Christina Weiler (TA and PhD Student): Communication

Clara Terrell (Musician and blogger): Communication

Nicolai Hoch (Student, Singer and guitarist) Communication

Hannah Mia Blume (Student): Translation and Communication


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