AKTION: My personal reasons for starting the event Off Day

This is an answer to all the people who ask me why I started this whole thing and what my goal is.

First of all. It is a joint venture. After my Dad and I – he, who has always been my hardest critic – came up with the idea, I created a concept and asked people of very different professions if they would be interested to join the event and participate in it. (You can see what we were and are responsible for just below the event description).

Before we came up with the idea I wanted to drop out completely. I wrote a deciphered essay, in which people could find out that I wanted them to write me a real letter. The others, that’s what I said, are not my real friends anyway.

But stop! Here was the mistake. Everybody knows that not all Facebook friends are real friends. So why tell people that they are not?

I always had the feeling that Facebook at the same time as it is offering great opportunities it makes people search for random new stuff that is just worth one “like”. Instead of doing something great, it is merely done for the click. So, the idea was not to get people off Facebook, to boycott it and drop out but to raise an awareness that meeting friends or doing something extraordinary is always better than to just remain in the virtual context.

What is my personal goal? Well, when we really succeed in getting thousands of people joining this event, we will share a day on which everybody can not only make something great, boring ;-), fantastic and so on, but also the others, perfect strangers, afterwards will have the chance to see what the others did on this day. This would make my day 😉

At the moment people have not yet started to suggest what they want to do. It would be amazing if people would come up with ideas the others can “like” or comment on.

What will I be doing? Honestly, I don’t know yet. As soon as I know I will tell, promise.

The whole team is very excited about what is going to happen and whether the event is going to get viral. We don’t know.

It is, however, already a great thing to share this opportunity with now almost a thousand people.

Greetings to everybody.


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